Stovetop Popcorn Recipe

Posted on: Friday, August 9, 2013

 Popcorn is definitely one of my favorite and most consumed snacks, so I thought I'd share how I make and season mine! Typically I would just season with olive oil and salt, but my favorite now is with rosemary (subtle; it mostly flavors the olive oil a little bit) and a bit of hot sauce as well.

1. In a pot with a lid, put 1-2 TBS olive oil, rosemary, and 3 kernels on high heat (I put it at the second highest dial). The 3 kernels will tell you when it's hot enough to pop your corn.
2. Once the three kernels pop, add however much popcorn you want! I don't measure, so that's the best I can tell you.
3. Pop pop!
4. Pour popped popcorn into a bowl, season with more olive oil and salt. Finish with hot sauce and mix! Adjust seasonings accordingly.
5. Munch away.
Note: I think this goes without saying, but make sure you put the lid on the pot, unless your intent is to create a New Years confetti shower effect in your kitchen.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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