Meal Plan Week Four

Posted on: Sunday, January 26, 2014

My motivation to plan my lunch for this week started waning, but I counteracted that by making something really delicious that I know I would love to eat all week (and taking a break from quinoa or spaghetti squash). It really does feel good to have lunch ready for the whole week on Sunday; my weeks are busy and I sometimes feel all over the place (and I sometimes am all over the place- Houston last week, Austin this week), especially this semester, and having a little consistency helps.

Sunday: chicken, spinach and feta sausage with oriental broccoli slaw

Meatless Monday: stuffed peppers (rice, beans and tomato)

Tuesday: I have a meeting in Austin in the afternoon, so I think I'll bring home Tarka (delicious Indian food) from Round Rock for dinner (and cook up a side of brussels sprouts)!

Wednesday: salmon with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts

Thursday: "general tso's" chicken with rice and broccoli

Lunch: oriental broccoli slaw (sides: almonds and dates)
^^Stored and ready for the fridge! I'm keeping the dressing separate so the slaw isn't super soggy.^^

Oh, I also baked this AMAZING blueberry banana bread today (sub regular milk and a dash of lime juice for buttermilk). Kyle gave it an A+.

- S


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