One Per Month Challenge: January

Posted on: Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I have decided to try this thing for a year, where I only buy one clothing or accessory item each month. This includes shoes. I'll share my purchase with you each month here on the ol' blog. I decided to do this as a fun(?) challenge for myself. This is more to prevent any unnecessary stops at the shoe section of Target and to limit any excessive spending on things I don't need, and to think more carefully about investing in specific, quality items rather than just buying something (or three or five somethings) because it's on sale or cheap. I want to appreciate what I have more, and spend less time thinking about these fleeting, material avenues to happiness. I will make an exception, however, if I need some professional attire or something particular for an event (I will be graduating with a masters degree in May and hopefully starting at a new job shortly thereafter), but I will try to plan for those purchases in my monthly allotments. I haven't yet decided if I should put a spending limit on it, or if I need one; I doubt I would spend much over $50, since I rarely spend that much on any single item anyway. :)

This month I got the denim boyshirt in saltstone wash from Madewell for $52.80, when they were having a 40% off post-Christmas sale. I bought this before I decided to do this challenge, but I can't think of a better way to start than with a beautiful denim shirt from Madewell!

PS- After I came up with this challenge I searched around the internet and found this article on the topic.

- S


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