Spaghetti Squash Crust Vegetable Quiche

Posted on: Monday, January 13, 2014

For lunch this week I made a quiche with a spaghetti squash crust. This is actually the first quiche I've ever made though I've been wanting to make one for some time now. I had a half spaghetti squash leftover from the week before, and I thought this would be a perfect new use for it. The recipe I used is from here, but I made some changes. I didn't measure the squash, just used half of one smaller squash. I also wanted more veggies in it, so I used onion, garlic, spinach, asparagus and mushrooms for the sauteed veggie mix, along with chives in the egg mix, plus some mozzarella cheese I had in the fridge. Basically all you need to know for this recipe is: 5 eggs, one cup of milk, press the squash into a greased pan, saute whatever veggies you want, add the seasoned egg mix to the pan, add the veggies, bake at 400 for 40 minutes. Very easy! 

And the finished product...

I'm not sure how well it will hold up through the week (I imagine reheating will make it a bit mushy so it might be better served immediately), but at least I'm trying, right?

- S


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