Kelly Moore Bag Review

Posted on: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You may remember the awesome bag I got for my birthday this past summer- the Kelly Moore Libby bag. I used it as my school bag, and packed it up for my overnight bag when Kyle and I went to San Antonio, where it then was stolen from our car. Aside from my planner, I was most sad to lose the bag. But, ever the optimist (hah), I saw this as an opportunity to reevaluate and go on a quest for something new. The Libby was a great bag, but I thought this second time around I would look for one that would be more functional in every day use as well as for school, work or travel purposes. Enter this beauty, the Kelly Moore 2 Sues bag. So much more than a camera bag (which is good, considering I don't use it as one!) 

What I was Looking for:
- some outside pockets for cell phone, keys, and other easily accessible items. Easily accessible, but preferably with some closure for security.
- fits comfortably over my shoulder and at my side
- partially structured. The Libby was very structured and boxy, which was great for school purposes, but for a bag to also use for everyday I would want something that sits more comfortably at my side and has some movement to it.
- Big and functional enough to work as a bag for school, work, travel, and future baby times. I'm a big bag person. Yes I need my planner, several pens, lotion, medicine cabinet, and an assortment of other useful odds and ends with me at all times. That being said, there is such a thing as too big for everyday use.
- a brown/tan bag. Though I ended up with grey here instead of the walnut. I was super drawn to the pretty grey and decided to go for something different.
- From my first semester with my Libby bag, I learned that I don't need a bag that holds my laptop, because a) I don't bring it with me every day, and b) it makes the bag too rigid anyway, so I would just carry it separately even though it fit in the bag. Same thing with days I happen to bring big text books to class; it's better to carry them in a separate tote bag.
- It has to be pretty. Obviously.
- It took me a couple months to decide on a new bag, but once I found the 2 sues bag, I decided on it very quickly

Here's a look at how I've been using it daily:
- iphone
- post-its
- tissues
- medicine, lotion, band-aids, other needs
- chapstick and lipgloss
- lots of pens
- glasses and case
- kindle fire
- keys
- receipts, gift cards, coupons

Additions for school/internship:
- notebooks
- folders
- the odd textbook
- internship ID and Baylor ID
- snack, 5 hour energy or beverage

And what I put in all the pockets:
I've been using the bag for about a month now. At first I liked it, but I wasn't sure I loved it. To be fair, I was also very sick and didn't like much of anything at the time, and didn't really get a chance to take it out until several days after it arrived. But once I got to using it, I found it to be quite perfect, and yes, I do love it! It is not too big that I can't take it both to class and to the store afterwards. I love all the different pockets and compartments- it keeps things organized and readily available, and it means I don't need to carry around extras such as a pencil case.
I was surprised to find that the bag came with the removable basket; it was not listed in the item description on the website, though I know for other colors of the bag it specifically said the bag featured the removable basket. I have actually only used mine without the basket, though I have tried with it in. The bottom is structured enough that the bag stays up without the basket, and it gives me more room and freedom for keeping notebooks and things for school, without turning the bag into a super structured and uncomfortable brick. Both the shoulder and messenger straps are perfect; I generally use the messenger strap over my shoulder when I have more in the bag and need more freedom in my movement.
The quality of the bag is great, though the short strap has shown some wear, cracking around the edges; not sure what that is about.
The material, both inside and out, is soft and nice. I will be traveling to Boston for spring break, and I think it will serve me well (I may use it with the basket in to keep my camera safe; we'll see). Overall I've been very happy with my two Kelly Moore bags! If you're interested in purchasing your own Kelly Moore bag, click the button on the right!

**UPDATE** I took my bag with me to Boston for Spring Break and carried it with me everyday. It was pretty much the perfect back for a sight-seer like myself. I'd usually leave in the morning and come back late at night, and this bag carried everything and was comfortable for days of walking around. I used it with the basket in and it kept my camera safe and my things organized. It's also not too big to take on the plane and stow under the seat. This is a great bag for travel.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. Do you think a macbook pro 13" laptop would fit in this bag?


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