What the Year Will Bring

Posted on: Monday, January 7, 2013

At first glance this year appears to be one, the first in many, with no big events, changes or plans. And while that may be true, this is also the year where Kyle and I will know a lot more about our future- where we will be moving to after I graduate, when we can have kiddos(!!)...big things like that. Kyle's contract with the military is up December 2013, and we are looking at his reenlistment possibilities, as well as non-military options. I'm not sure when we will know (it's sounding like sooner rather than later), but it is exciting that this is the year that will give us a better picture of what our future will look like. :) Always good for a planner like me. I'm excited to see where this year will take us, even if it doesn't take us there until next year or the years that follow!

Also this year:
- finishing up first year of grad school and starting the second
- 2 year anniversary!
- Kyle and I both turn 25
- possible probable deployment to Afghanistan :(
- Kittens turn 2 years old
- possible trip to Boston

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