Wedding Surprises

Posted on: Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here's a look at some of the fun surprises we had at the wedding!

Ice Cream Truck-  What is better in the summer than surprise cold treats, delivered straight to you? Hardly anything. I thought it would be amazing to have an ice cream truck roll up during the party, and that's what happened! The Funky Freezer came, playing music, and stayed for cocktail hour.Guests could select any treat they wanted. Kyle and I went up first and got some flavored ice, which I proceeded to open and set down on a fence and never ate (photo time!), but I think the guests enjoyed it! The truck also made for some fun photos!

Bagpipes- I had no idea what sort of music we should have for the ceremony start and end, and I can't remember where the bagpipes idea came from, but my mom found a local professional to play for us! I don't think I saw or spoke to this guy on the actual day, but the bagpipes really added a lot as guests arrived and with the ceremony. (My husband is part Scottish. I mean- McPherson).

Caricature- I've mentioned this before, but I just love the caricature idea. It's such a great souvenir that guests can take with them, and it was a lot of fun to see guests' caricatures through the evening! :) You can see another post all about the caricatures here.

Cornhole- We had cornhole to entertain our guests during cocktail hour. I was oblivious to most of the going-ons of cocktail hour, as we were taking family/wedding party photos at that time, but I wanted to make sure there were some activities to entertain the guests (ice cream truck, cornhole, food, drinks, good company). Our photographer got some great shots of people playing.

Candy & Dessert Bar- I didn't want to just have one dessert option for guests, so we had a whole bunch instead! I set up a candy bar, using large glass jars, some milk glass vases I found on Etsy, and some burlap wrapped vases. I easily decorated some paper bags, decorated the table, and it was set! Aside from our amazing wedding cake, we had a fruit tart, chocolate cake, and carrot cake from Wegmans, to offer some variety. I think guests really enjoyed snacking on the candy through the evening.

Abigail's Birthday- The day of the festivities also happened to be my bridesmaid Abigail's birthday! So we surprised her with a cake (her favorite- red velvet, made by the same lady who made the wedding cake) and a round of "Happy Birthday." She was completely surprised, and it was awesome!

Fireworks- on the drive up to PA we stopped at a place in Tennessee and Kyle picked up some fireworks to set off at the end of the night!

All photos by Jana Scott Photography.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. WOW--you really did have a dream wedding complete with fireworks! I love that you had the Funky Freeze truck-- it appeared in SC my senior year of high school and I have great memories of chasing that thing down in my junky car with friends after school. So fun!

  2. So many fun ideas! I really love the ice cream truck - what a nice treat for your guests! And fireworks at the end of the night - awesome!

  3. This is amazing Sarah! What a fun, sweet wedding you had. I love that you wanted to surprise your guests and give them something to remember. Those weddings are always the most fun :) xoxo


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