The Week in Photos

Posted on: Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 Hux-man outside/ Stickygrams/ catching up on Castle on a Friday evening
 pumpkin card from Tracy/ D doing her thing on the door/ my old moose bag!/ Huxley on the futon
 Saturday outing/ religious pamphlets at the door/ Kyle and miss D/ cobb salad
doing homework at B&N/ skinny jeans, skinny belts, and some other ON goodies/ looking at bikes/ drinky drink (I didn't really like it :/)
kitty cats/ updating our door decor/ crockpot cashew chicken
hot chocolate and planning for the week/ cider and research/ futon kitties/ miss D

My sister is flying in from Boston today for like, a twelve hour visit (approximately 48 total in Texas). I have internship up through part of the evening, so husband is picking her up sur la moto. We haven't exactly told her that. Should be a hoot and a half. Thanksgiving break officially starts tomorrow! I have learned that it is much harder to find somewhere to volunteer to serve food on turkey day, so Kyle and I have no plans for the day. There's only two of us, so cooking a whole big meal doesn't make much sense (though I would if he wanted me to!). We may go on post to eat. We may stay in pjs all day, watch the parade and work on homework.

- Mrs. M


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