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Posted on: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This post gives you a glimpse into a number of the little decoration details I worked on and accumulated to make the day a little more fun, a little more pretty, and yes, a little more sparkly. I spent a lot of time on Etsy and Pinterest, getting ideas and ordering little things; with some I had a specific plan for, other things I thought "buy now, make it work later," especially since I was gathering all of the decoration down in Texas, and couldn't possibly envision exactly how everything would be used in the old PA farm. I warped some ideas I saw about the internets, and came up with some on my own as well. The farm is a big place to fill, and it has a lot of character on its own, so I didn't feel I had to fill every open space with something.  My aim, rather, was for there to be little some larger points of focus, and other little touches that some people would care about notice and others might not. I received many compliments on all of the little details I put into the decoration, and it really made me feel good that people appreciated and enjoyed the fruits of my frenzied wedding planning labor! I am usually one of those people who, if I want something done right I will just do it myself, but luckily I had my ladies and mom to help set up a couple days before the event, and they came up with some great ideas for where to place certain things, helped poof the tissue paper flowers, and overall made the daunting decorating process go very smoothly. The farm looked wonderful, I just couldn't get over it.

PS- I will try to source and give info on where I got everything at a later date. I don't have time to right now, but it may be a winter break project!

colorful striped and dotted straws
green/gold BHLDN dot strands donning the large support beams in the basement
random pom bouquet
DIY Doily Flowers, mostly made by Christy. Strung up alternating with heart coasters (BHLDN) with silver glittered clothespins, and custom burned clothespins.
tea lights in the walls of the basement for cocktail hour

custom napkins
tassels to spruce up the Caricature artists loft
 True story: this wax dripped on Kyle's coat a little bit. Whoops!
smile print from The Calm Gallery
I glitter spray painted these Xs and Os from Michael's
You are my Sunshine print from The Calm Gallery
stacked paper poofs to decorate the candy bar
print from The Calm Gallery
with custom clothespins
Our guest "stump" ready for signing
I stamped these little paper bags for the candy bar
drink menu and dinner menu
gold and silver spray pained animals, because they are fun
gift and guestbook table with random decor
chalkboard painted tree slices for signs; lots of mason jars and candles
spray painted letters
custom burlap flag banners
the program I made! 
and our cake topper

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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