Long Live Fall

Posted on: Sunday, November 4, 2012

OK, I accept that the day after Halloween all the stores switch the displays of skeletons and pumpkins over to reindeer and wreaths, crank up the holiday tunes and bust out the red cups, and I'm not entirely opposed to it, but my thought is- if we all really love fall, shouldn't we try to enjoy it even longer, while it lasts? Sure our carved Halloween pumpkins are rotting away on the front porch and it would be so easy to switch out the pumpkin spice scented candles on our table with a warm sugar cookie or a snowflake covered pine. But I don't want to rush this season off to make room for even more unrealistic expectations of catching a bit of seasonally appropriate weather in central Texas.  I'm going to give fall a while to really set in, and once my candles burn down along with my will to resist the red and green (oh, I already feel it. and the red Starbucks holiday cup in my garbage can betrays my resolve), I'll know it's time to embrace the holidays. 

On a largely but not entirely unrelated note, Kyle and I drove out the honey farm to claim my prize- a honey nut butter sample pack! We also picked up a few little pumpkins (there it is), a bottle of wine, and a big hunk of beeswax. I sampled one of the butters; I'm not really sure in what manner one is supposed to eat it, but it was pretty good on a slice of bark bread (what Kyle calls my wheat/oat/bark bread).

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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