Our First Halloween

Posted on: Thursday, November 1, 2012

We didn't know what to expect out of Halloween down here, our first time handing out candy from our little house down in Texas. We had four bags of Reese's; you can see an elementary school a street over if you look out our front door, so we figured it would be a pretty highly kid populated area. We also didn't know when trick-or-treating started/finished (we guessed 6-8 or so; it seemed to be about 6:30-8:30). We kept count through the evening and got a total of about 83 kiddos. There were some pretty cute kids, some who didn't say trick-or-treat (to which Kyle prompted with a, "what do you say??"), some who didn't try to pretend to dress up at all, and some whose parents drove along in the car (really?!?). We were not super impressed with the get ups; the best worst were a group of four young teen boys, dressed mainly in black with fake guns of sorts hanging on their shoulders; their reply to our inquiring what they were was: "Uhh...child services?" Oy. I laughed a lot, though (you know, being a social work student), in a #funnybutnotatallfunny sort of way. And then I went out to leave for work this morning, to find candy wrappers strewn about our yard. In particular, wrappers from the candy we gave out. Are you for real, kids of central Texas? I hate to say it, but I gotta say it: kids these days.

(note: if you are new to the blog, I promise husband and I are not super old, uncool folks. That's right- we're only 24, and still mildly cool some of the time. The youths just bring out the old in us.)

- Mrs. M


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