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Posted on: Saturday, July 2, 2011

Now that it is less than a year away, I really need to get to figuring out this wedding! Just thinking about it makes me stressed but I am trying to stay positive about the whole experience.

Thanks to Val and Sam for both suggesting the General Potter Farm as a possible venue that is closer to town than other places I'd found and liked! I like what I see so far! As I expected with it being less than a year away, Saturdays are pretty much all booked, so wherever it is held, the wedding will have to be on a Friday or Sunday in June. I've gotten in contact with a couple places, so hopefully soon I will be able to let you know the date and location that we've settled on!

I'm more and more thinking I don't want a white dress. Still light and flowing, but not wedding-gown-white. That's pretty much all I've come up with so far. We'll see what happens when I see what is out there; maybe I will love something white and shiny. Also actually looking for and finding a dress is maybe the part I'm least looking forward to.

As for ceremony/reception business, I think it doesn't make sense to not have any sort of ceremony at all. It would be weird to just start the reception like any other party. So I think we'll have a short vow renewal type ceremony. Nothing too official or serious, just a time to acknowledge our marriage in a way that wasn't possible back in March. Then we can party! Thanks to Emma for really helping me figure this out! 

As for colors I think I've decided on green, ivory, magenta, and maybe bits of gold. I don't want a lot of magenta, mostly just in the flowers (as peonies only come in a limited range of colors anyway). 

At first I really did not want a summer wedding, but midsummer can be a really nice time. In Finland, Midsummer (juhannus in Finnish) is probably the second-biggest celebration after Christmas, and it's a really nice time of year. Maybe I can get some inspiration from there, though I don't know if a giant bonfire (kokko) will exactly be allowed at the reception location. Can you say after-party?!

I'm also trying to think of cool ways to personalize our wedding. Using pictures isn't really an option since we won't have had an engagement (or any other) photo session. I think we can have some fun with table favors and other creative touches here and there. Kyle is sort of known for the hats he sometimes wears, so maybe we'll take the royal-wedding/Kentucky-derby approach (but more toned down and less...crazy) and suggest that guests sport some fun yet classy hats to shade themselves from the summer sun. The Pittsburgh Penguins should also probably be involved somehow. Perhaps a Penguins grooms cake?

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


  1. Can you PLEASE insist on awesome Kentucky Derby hats?! Or British fascinators?!?! I think that's an AWESOME idea! And if you need another person to bounce ideas off of, call me! I've seen stuff at the country club that's worked really well, and some stuff that hasn't, so I'll always give you my opinion! <3

  2. Thanks Steph! What are some things I might want to avoid?
    I was going to ask if you had any invitation suggestions, but I think I've just found the invites I want to use!

  3. Is it too much to ask for you to have an entirely Penguins-themed wedding? If you say no, it's okay because Christy may just say yes. However, it would have to be both Flyers- and Penguins-themed and that is stressful to me.

    Also, I like hats and head things. Have you found yours yet? Something feathery or flowery? Also, I was watching Say Yes to the Dress yesterday and there were two ladies who got dresses that weren't white. One got a pink one (which could work for you because you aren't pink--lucky) and the other got a champagne colored one. Which was LOVELY. How do you feel about ivory? Can I go dress shopping with you sometime?

    And I love the colors. If you did a champagne dress, then gold definitely would be perfect.


  4. The main trouble with an all-Pens theme wedding is that I don't want that much black :) But maybe if we have table numbers, they can be pens team members? That could be fun- you're sitting at Malkins table, you go to Staal... mmm Pens. I don't think we really need table assignments (aside from family and maybe out-of-town family friends), but we can still give them numbers for fun. Also I'm thinking mason jars and beer bottles as centerpieces/decor, with flowers and candles(cuz of Kyle and beer).

    I have not started looking for my head thing. I think the dress will have to come first. My cheeks get rosy very easily though so I don't know if pink would be the best, but I like ivory and champagne! YOU will come dress shopping with me. We'll plan a weekend sometime this fall I think?

  5. Kyle: Am I really known for wearing hats?
    Sarah: Kind of yes.


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