And the Wedding Date is...

Posted on: Monday, July 11, 2011

 Friday June 15, 2012

at the General Potter Farm

vow renewal ceremony and reception to follow!

It feels good to have that settled on. I was really nervous and anxious about setting a date because I honestly didn't know how to pick a date not knowing what exactly Kyle's (post-) deployment status would be, and moving down to Texas, and trying to make it work for as many family members as possible when a year is a long time from now, but we just had to go with it and hope it works out! The venue really suits Kyle and I. Lots of space, inside and out, and we can do whatever we want with it for decorations and set up! We'll have it for the whole day, maybe even the day before, so lots of time to get ready. Down a little hill is a nice big area by a stream for the ceremony. And, it's only a twenty minute drive from State College. Next to do: figure out a caterer, flowers, and rental company. I think I've already found save the dates and invites that I like, and dress shopping will come later in the fall. Something to think about that doesn't need to be decided anytime soon is how the vow renewal ceremony should go; it's really up to us what we want to do with it, being married already and all! It's typical to renew vows one year, three months and eight days after getting married, right?!

Also, apparently you're advised not to share details about your wedding online (says a wedding website...the same site advises you to make a wedding website to share with the world), because people might take your ideas, or be offended if they're not invited. The way I see it, ideas are all out there to be found anyway, and I don't care if someone also uses white peonies in their wedding. And anyway, it seems my wedding and relationship posts are my most popular (really? Not my insightful review of Marley & Me?)! I won't post specifics in much detail as they are actually set down, but at this point it's all just ideas and thoughts out there for comment and consideration. Maybe I'll end up with navy blue, black and lime green as my colors, roses for flowers, and use "the surface of the sun" as my theme inspiration.
On the other issue: we're not in first grade where you have to invite the whole class to your party or the one kid who didn't get invited will cry and mom will have to go have an awkward conversation with the other mom (so says TV). The farm holds up to 250; I certainly can't think of that many people to invite, but it's not like we'll have to purposely exclude anyone we'd like to have there with us. Families and friends from far and near. So, don't worry about it! :-)

- From the desk of Mrs. Sarah McPherson


  1. It's still a long way off, but I'm still so very excited for you two... mostly because you'll be reunited. Go Army Wife! I had a thought, mostly from working in the wedding industry previously and half of the businesses we worked with are now closed/moved/etc. I would give you the website/phone number but I'm not at home, but I know we always worked with Steve Bailey at The Main Event... If it's still around. He might only do catering now, I'm not sure.

  2. HOAGS. Do not rent from Best Event. Ok, let me remove my prejudices from working at a country club for 5 years.... Hoags has nice products and are nicer people to work with in my experience. Best Event is cheaper, but their stuff is also more rundown and looks cheaper. But I guess that you need to do what you need to do to stay within your budget. That being said, I vote Hoag's all of the way for rental-related stuff. They're also pretty decent caterers, although I can also give you the name of the people that my mom uses who are phenomenal, if you're interested.... either way, congrats, and I'm excited for you!

    P.S. I used to have karate classes on the lower level of that barn! :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Stephs! :)


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