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Posted on: Sunday, July 14, 2013

As it's on my summer to do list, I've finally gotten around to figuring out the whole wedding photo situation. Does it take everyone over a year to actually get around to ordering and displaying their wedding pictures? Because that's how long it seems to be taking me. But now, I'm ready, and it's happening. Here's what I'm thinking in terms of displaying the pictures!

I ordered two of these from ModCloth. I think it is a simple, clean, and stylish way to display a lot of photos, and as any of you married folks know, it's difficult deciding on just a few wedding photos to put up. I'm thinking of putting these side by side up above our couch in the living room, but the nifty thing is the photos could be exchanged and these could be used anywhere in the house and painted (I don't imagine we'll display 18 wedding photos for ever)! And, the price seems pretty good at $39 a piece.

I also found these frames from West Elm, and I absolutely love them. They are perfect with the gold and linen, but to order all the ones I want it would cost over 200$ (including shipping), so I'm holding off to see what is out there and look into doing a DIY replication of these. I've spray painted frames gold before (for the wedding!), so I may do that again for a cheaper alternative. 

We also have frames about here and there, and decor from the wedding that has transitioned to household display. I'm working on getting the house more decorated in general (taking advantage of army stuff not being everywhere), so I will surely show you what I get done by the end of the summer! :) 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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