Spaghetti Squash Latkes

Posted on: Friday, July 26, 2013

I've bought and prepared spaghetti squash a time or two in the past, but this is the first time I've bought one lately. I wanted to try out some new ways to prepare it. I think it's great if you're on your own (for me especially, because I don't think Kyle would enjoy it much, particularly if it's meant to take the place of pasta or potato), because you roast it up and have a whole lot of spaghetti squash ready to go for your week. I think I got about six meals out of it. The first evening after I cooked it I mixed it with sauteed onion and bell pepper, and added pesto and parmesan cheese. It was really good! The next day for lunch I made some latkes, with onion and green onion, salt (some garlic some regular), pepper, one egg and flour (2-3 tablespoons probably). I didn't follow a recipe for either, just kind of made it up and checked consistency, and it worked really well! You just cook them in olive oil until they look done (nice and brown and a bit crispy). Very easy and very good! I didn't try it, but I think they'd be great with a little sour cream on top.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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