Kayaking the Colorado River

Posted on: Sunday, July 7, 2013

On Saturday I went to visit my friend (and bridesmaid who made these amazing table numbers!) Christy, who whouldn'tyaknow, has been working with AmeriCorps in Bastrop, TX, only 1.5 hours away from me! Upon a quick google search I learned Bastrop is on the Colorado River, and immediately knew what we should do during my visit- kayak! After a surprisingly pleasant drive (Texas 95 is a beautiful route), I picked up Christy and we went to downtown Bastrop for lunch. Say what you will about small towns (and I do; it's a love/hate relationship), but I rather enjoy easily finding free parking on a main street in town, no stress. We strolled the downtown and ate lunch while catching up at Maxine's Cafe. We then went around the corner, literally, to Bastrop River Company, hopped in a couple kayaks, and paddled away for a good three hours! If you didn't know, kayaking is my favorite pastime, so getting to paddle in the Texas sunshine and visit with a good friend for hours really set my soul at ease after a particularly rough couple of days. 
^^the sort of downtown with stores called "The Rhinestone Cowgirl" and where the drug store is also the ice cream shop^^
^^this was very good, but it made me think- when are these giant circle slices of onions anything but a showy inconvenience?^^
^^cool sign and gas pump at the brewhouse next door^^
^^plenty of these guys errywhere^^
^^dog is swimming along behind the yellow kayak^^
^^when you get to the bridge you call the river folks to come pick you up^^
^^we got froyo afterwards, of course^^

Kyle and I will definitely have to come back here. The river company also has kayak camping trips, which sounds like it could be great. This trip down the river reminded me of kayaking I've done in PA, more so  than in Austin. The turtles are not as used to people so they dip into the water when you get near, rather than continuing to chill in the sun like the indifferent ATX turtles do. :) 

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. I am the most jealous of this kayak trip. I'm so glad you guys had a good time! Cows!


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