At the Pumpkin Patch

Posted on: Monday, October 8, 2012

I'd been looking forward to heading to the farm for pumpkins for some weeks now. This weekend was perfect for it, too, as the temperature around here dropped significantly, and Saturday really felt like a pleasantly crisp, fall day. We went to the same place we got our Christmas tree from last year, Silo Tree Farm (and pumpkin patch). It was much busier this time around, and full of festive events like hay rides, pony rides, and a giant mound of hay to jump in should you desire (we only saw a very unhappy baby being photographed in the heap). Neveryoumind that I was the only person in Texas there hip and cool enough to wear a scarf, I had a great time.
such cool pumpkins
this is where I say to Kyle, "if we had our own kids, I wouldn't have to take pictures of random ones." :P ...not that I do that often.

After pumpkin time we went to the motorcycle shop not far away. It's a cool place; the people there are nice and helpful, and they just opened a little food shop, too! They're in the process of getting their license to sell alcohol, so for now they are just giving away free beer! Not a problem for us!
 what a handsome, handsome man
and my giant iced tea

And here are our pumpkins at home!

And of course, what post would be complete without pictures of the cats investigating the pumpkins?

I love our trio of pumpkins! I think they've got really cool stems, and I've never had a crystal star variety before. The farm had great pumpkins to pick from; I was impressed. I guess it's not technically a patch if you're picking them up from well organized bales of hay, but I'll take it! There is a Fall Festival over at a honey farm not far from here on October 20th, so I'm thinking Abigail and I will go check that out, too!

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