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Posted on: Monday, October 15, 2012

Went to a conference on special needs children, hosted right down the road at UMHB. It was an OK conference.
The featured speaker was Kristin Neff, a professor at UT Austin. She spoke about her pioneering work on the topic of self-compassion. Kristin has an autistic son, and her family was the center of a documentary called The Horse Boy (she didn't talk about the film much, but I'd remembered seeing the trailer for it back when it came out). I enjoyed her talk. I think the conference was most beneficial to me as a social work intern in that it provided me with a lot of resources and services available for clients I may have at some point in my two years at Baylor. I think it was a great help for parents of special needs children.

After that Kyle and I had a date night! We won't get to see each other for a while as he has to go into the field for practice; luckily it's just at Fort Hood, but I still won't get to be in touch with him. We had a gift card to the Dead Fish Grill, so we went there for dinner! We wanted to get Cabin in the Woods to watch in the evening, and had a few things to get and coupons to use, so our date night continued with trips to Target, Natural Grocery, and the Dollar General. Don't we know how to live! :)

To Target to get the movie...
I think the toy section of Target blew Kyle's mind just a bit.
Picking up his favorite soap to take into the field...
We had a coupon for 5$ off if we spent 25$, only good on that day, so we were venturing around the dollar General trying to accumulate 25$ worth of stuff. I think we provided the night cashier with some entertainment, at least. 
And then, we did get home to watch Cabin in the Woods. It's really good. 

Sunday continued with Kyle spending the morning and first part of the afternoon bottling the beer that has been brewing in his closet for the last month or so. It was an interesting and time consuming process, resulting in 3 growlers and 34 bottles of beer! Hopefully Kyle likes it...

While he did that, I did homework and painted my nails blue!

- Mrs. M


  1. Sounds like an interesting conference. Love the blue nail polish - what is the name/brand?

  2. Sarah - I just saw you post, it is Sheila from the FailteHouse! It takes about 30 minutes-ish to cook. I just make sure the chicken is not pink! And is that a picture I saw of you making it!!! I am so proud!! I am gonna link you to my post for tomorrow! xo

  3. that food looks amazing!!!
    I love Kyle's 'stache ;)

    Pete brews beer too with his brother in law..too bad I'm not a beer drinker!


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