Walker Honey Farm

Posted on: Saturday, October 20, 2012

On Saturday Abigail and I went to the Fall Festival Farmers Market at the Walker Honey Farm! It was much closer than expected, and it was an awesome fest! There were a lot of local vendors and sampling opportunities, including delicious jalapeno jellies, herbs and veggies, lotions (lavender rosemary- the most wonderful smelling lotion on the planet), wine ice cream (yes), jerky, and of course the wine tasting. For 6$ you could sample five wines of your choice, and the seasonal wine. Plus you got to keep the cute little wine glass! There was live music and everyone was nice and friendly. I left with a few of the jalapeno jelly varieties, some local made olive oils, and a couple other things- getting Christmas shopping started early! I'm not a big honey person, but the wines were very tasty and everything looked so nice. The weather was wonderful and windy. Oh, and there were pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. :)

Abigail taking a picture of the Obama sign across the street, haha.

- Mrs. M


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