One Per Month Challenge: February

Posted on: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Well, I took the plunge and purchased a pair of matte black Tieks for my February purchase. These are certainly an investment piece. I have only heard good things about Tieks, and I needed a simple, classic pair of black flats, because I didn't actually own any plain black shoes. Aside from saving money, this challenge is about finding quality pieces of clothing rather than spending money on bogo impulse buys in the Target shoe section. I thought about this purchase a lot before ordering, and in the end I decided to go for a more expensive pair that I knew was going to be comfortable and last, instead of a cheaper (but still fairly expensive) pair that might not feel much better than a $13 Target or Old Navy pair. So far these have really been amazing- best pair of flats I've ever owned. I'm looking forward to giving them a real test during my upcoming trip to DC, where I'll be walking around the city all week. The packaging was truly superb, the leather nice and soft, and I've received compliments on the teal color pop already.

As far as how the challenge is going so far- I've been tempted a couple times, to the point of adding some things to my virtual shopping cart,  to take advantage of some great online sales, but I haven't bought anything. Though, the things I'm looking at are for work/professional purposes, but I'm going to wait until closer to the end of February to get a couple things, and I will probably buy in-store so I know the items fit (and no shipping costs). Two months down, ten more to go!

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