The Unusual Ceremony

Posted on: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's been a little while since my last wedding post, and I think this will be the last. Unless I do a post on all the vendors and shops I used, I think I've pretty much covered everything. So- the ceremony! What do you do when you're already married, not religious or tied to any particular traditions, and want to have some sort of ceremony before your reception? Well, here's what I came up with. We took a casual and fun approach. We thought it would be a good idea to have some sort of ceremony, because it is a significant occasion and we wanted the meaning of why we were all getting together to be known, something I thought might be lost if we just had a big party. We had the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle, followed by Kyle and I, ending at a simple ribbon backdrop. Then, we just had each bridesmaid and groomsmen share a story or ramble for a few minutes each, leading up to Kyle and I renewing our vows, of sorts. It was really awesome. There was a lot of laughter, some tears, and all around it was very sweet. We didn't now what everyone was going to say, so it was a surprise for everyone. This was a really fun, interactive, and personalized way to have a non-traditional ceremony of sorts! I thought it might be super awkward and not flow, but it really quite naturally! Our guests expressed that they really liked it, and I liked that everyone got to know the wedding party a bit, too, as well as their relationship to Kyle and I.  I only wish we had copies of what everyone said, or a video recording. Whoops!
Jr. Bridesmaids preparing to hand out programs to guests!
sweet cousin Sheridyn
my brother John and our cousin Edin
my brother Isaac and our cousin Vienna/ Christy, Toby and Tracy (Pitt crew!)
Brandon and Abigail/ Kyle's brother Sean and Emma
Kyle's brother Bryan and my sister Erica
My sister served as master of ceremonies, of sorts, and kicked things off, explaining what was happening.
tears! aw

Also- look at how green it was! Oh, Pennsylvania.
All photos by Jana Scott Photography.

- From the desk of Mrs. M


  1. This is a brilliant idea, and so beautiful!

  2. This is so sweet Sarah! My best friend got married in July, and she did something really similar. It was so unique and special, and definitely one of my favorite ceremonies I've been to! If any of your friends/family wrote down what they said, you should ask them to send it to you. I have some of the toasts that my friends gave at my wedding, and I love reading them every once in a while :) xoxo


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