To Be Jolly

Posted on: Friday, November 25, 2011

To Do: Before moving to Texas in two weeks or so
- Christmas shopping
- Christmas wrapping
- Sort through things: what to keep, throw away, donate; what to take with me and what to send with the movers
- Packing and Organizing
- Meet with a Florist
- Get 2 tires replaced (12/8)
- Plan the drive down to Texas
- Clean the apartment
- Organize the apartment so it doesn't look like there is just stuff everywhere (but there is)
- Go to the store to get litter and other things
- Moving day
- Turn in the keys, etc
- Move the cats to the parents house
- Get Kyle's things to the apartment, then go through and pack things for him
- Last days at work! (12/5 and 12/8)
- Finish grad school applications (for the most part)
- Talk to a florist for the wedding
- Christmas Cards
- Look for a place to live and a job
- Laundry
- Sleep? or Coffee
- Other things I forgot but have written on a post-it note or on my phone or somewhere in my head

I might be going a little bit crazy, but I am actually very happy and excited, and I found a station playing Christmas tunes all the time, and gosh Starbucks holiday beverages are delicious. :-D

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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