Sunset Park and the Edinboro Flying Scots

Posted on: Sunday, November 6, 2011

On Saturday I watched my little brother play Quidditch with his team from Edinboro University, against both Penn State and Juniata. I'd never seen the magical sport played in person and on the ground. It was quite confusing at first, but really entertaining. The "snitch" was especially fun to keep track of, as he would go just about anywhere, including on the roof of the park bathroom building and sitting on the grass among spectators. It looked like fun, except for the part where you have to keep a broom between your legs the whole time. To quote the Edinboro seeker, "I'm going to have bruises on my thighs!" It was a beautiful day, and the park where the game was played was very nice. I'd never been there before, but I was told that the McPherson family has some history at the park, and I'm to ask Kyle about an incident involving blue jello. 

war paint

The Edinboro Flying Scots Quidditch Club
Edinboro ----- PSU

there goes the snitch (yellow hat)


Happy Birthday to my brother Isaac (so many brothers now)! And I hope everyone enjoys your extra hour of sleep/wake/party/whatever you decide to do with it. I guess I used mine to get five hours of sleep instead of four. I'm off to work for ten hours, and then the weekend of grad school applying and organizing continues (update on that soon)!

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