As of Late

Posted on: Monday, October 7, 2013

I haven't been blogging much as of late. Grad school and taking care of the animals keep my days pretty busy and free from exciting blog-worthy adventures. It gets overwhelming at times, all that I have to do between school and home life, but I'm doing fairly well so far! I mostly, every once in a while, wish someone would take the dog out for me, or go get groceries so I didn't have to, or clean the house, just to take one thing off my plate. This semester is very different from last year, both in the nature of the work and the fact that we've split into our three concentrations, so my cohort is split three ways and we don't always see each other anymore. I'm so glad it's starting to feel like fall, if even occasionally. I'm planning to get some pumpkins and fall decorations up in this house this week! I hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to check in! :) Have a wonderful week.


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