Posted on: Monday, September 2, 2013

This weekend I attended the National Association of Social Workers Texas branch conference in Austin (more on that later. this post is just for the food). On Sunday, after we left the conference and had lunch at a Thai restaurant, we walked over to Gourdough's, one of Austin's many famous food trucks. This one sold donuts. Or what they try to pass off as donuts. If you look at the pictures below, there's only one where you see anything resembling a donut. These are piled with toppings in a variety of cleverly named combinations. For example, there were some with chicken strips, bacon, jalapeno and creme cheese (not all on one). I ordered one for myself to try, and I gave the other two to my friend as a thank you for taking care of Luna while I was away. He reported that they were very good. The one I tried was also really good, kind of amazing. I guess they should be for $4.50 per donut. I would go back.
 ^^Sara's Joy. Yes I got it because that's my name.^^
 ^^ Heavenly Hash^^
^^Granny's Pie^^

- From the desk of Mrs. M


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