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Posted on: Friday, May 3, 2013

No, I don't mean The Hunger Games (though I'll probably reread that this summer, too). For the DC trip in May, I will be taking an accompanying class, with assignments due through the summer, and content tied in to our activities and events in DC. We have to read two books (A Place at the Table and Nickel and Dimed), and another assignment is a book review, for which we were given a another selection of a few books to choose from. Well, I ordered all of the books. All the books! I'm looking forward to reading them through the summer. Also, I guess now's as good a time as any to announce that for my concentration year internship I will be with the Texas Hunger Initiative! Yep, I've been a graduate research assistant for them through this semester, and I'm very excited to continue my work with them in an additional capacity, working at the Waco Regional Office. So, I'm going to be starting to think about and plan what my research project for next year might look like, and these books, and this trip, will be a good start to get me pumped.

Here are the books I will be starting off with. I will be reading A Place at the Table first, as it accompanies the documentary and will be a good starting point for the trip. I will write reviews and post them here, in case anyone is interested/ to organize my thoughts.
don't mind my rug that needs to be vacuumed

A Place at the Table: The Crisis of 49 Million Hungry Americans and How to Solve It
Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding for all
All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America
Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty

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