Mrs. M + Husband + The Animals

Hello lovely friends!

My name is Sarah. I'm  26. I like evolution, travel adventures, cold treats, and critters. I came up with the name "From the desk" from a pad of paper my friends had printed for me after I got married, one of the first times I saw my new name in use, so it was pretty exciting. :-) I am originally from Toronto, Canada, moved to CA when I was 4, moved to PA when I was 13, spent a year in Finland after high school, went to school for 2 years in DC, and the last two in Pittsburgh. I've road-tripped across the USA, been to Hawaii, around Europe, and hope to travel more in the future! Now I live in central Texas. In undergrad I majored in psychology and anthropology, so basically I like anything to do with people, our brains, skeletons, our past, and our future. I graduated with my masters degree in social work (MSW) from Baylor University in May 2014, and now work at a community organization addressing sexual assault and violence. I hope to do big things, and create opportunities for others to do so as well.

I have a handsome husband Kyle. He is a Combat Engineer Specialist in the US Army, soon to be leaving active duty for the reserves and finishing his undergrad degree. He likes motorcycles, beer, the outdoors, and when I drink wine. He returned home from his first deployment to Iraq right before Christmas 2011. In June 2013, Kyle started his second deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan, and returned safely in November. Husband has a blog you can find here.

Husband and I got married March 7, 2011 in a small courthouse in Texas before he deployed to Iraq, and we had our wedding celebration with friends and family on June 15, 2012. To read more about our wedding adventures, click here

We have two cats, Darwin and Huxley. They are adorable and really the best; even non-cat people like them. D & H like to sit on my shoulder, watching things go by from the window, trying to run out the back door, and sleeping. In July 2013 we adopted a one year old lab/boxer mix from the Fort Hood Shelter, named Luna. She's the best, most well behaved dog.
We are expecting our first child, Eleanor Mae, in January 2015!

I hope you enjoy these stories about this little family of mine! Feel free to leave comments or questions. 

Thank you for reading!
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