Hammock Weekend

Posted on: Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Weekend.
Kyle only had to go in to work briefly on Friday afternoon (and in civilian clothes), so I went along and we went to lunch at El Chico and to see The Hunger Games! :) I hadn't planned on seeing the movie for a while, after the hype died down and it would be less busy, but I wanted to take advantage of the timing- a 2pm show on a weekday, when kids would be in school and the theater was bound to be relatively empty. My plan worked! 

Some wedding things- finally getting Kyle measured and looking at some outfit options for him, and the arrival of some more little details! I found out my dress has also arrived back in PA, so I'll have to plan a trip back up for a fitting! Invitations have been arriving at their destinations, and it makes me really happy to hear that people got them and think they're nice.

We played outside with the kittens and Kyle put up his hammock. 

Kyle got all the parts for fixing his motorcycle, and fixed it! And I started to reread The Hunger Games while cooking in the heat and getting a couple shades darker outside. Because even though I just finished the series, I'm not ready for it to be over.

Kyle is out visiting an Army buddy, and I just finished a workout. 
pre-workout, obv.

Tomorrow is: laundry, groceries, taxes. Maybe more time in the sun. Filling out papers. Dreaming of wedding times ahead! Getting mug swap things ready to send off! OH and watching the Pens game!
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Thursday Thoughts

Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today I'm linking up with one of my new blogging friends I've found, Sar at Life of Love. She's a PhD student at Baylor!

{First} The Hunger Games. It has to be the Hunger Games. Books 2 and 3 arrived yesterday late afternoon, and I finished book 2 this morning. Cryptic Spoiler Alert: I totally guessed at the end of book 1 that she would return. /End Alert. But anyway. Last night I was telling Kyle all about the books as he was trying to fall asleep, and somehow I managed to eventually fall asleep without getting up to read through the night! Oh these books. Oh Peeta. On to number 3.

{Second} I now have a Bear ID and Baylor email address! And an adviser and papers to fill out to find me my first field internship. Exciting stuff! I also have to either take a biology class before classes start, or teach myself from the textbook and pass a test, as I'm required to have a bio credit before starting school. I'm ok with it, because I like biology, and I have little else to do. As for when school starts: I have two orientations August 7th and 8th, then there's a pre-class Intro to Social Work class from August 9-15th, and then classes and internships begin the 20th! 

{Third} I realized I am a bit bitter about the motorcycle, because when it comes down to it, the motorcycle is the reason I'm stuck at home all day as Kyle needs the car for work (first it was that Kyle didn't know how to ride the bike, then he had to get used to riding it before taking it all the way to work, then there is bad weather so he takes the car, then he has a minor crash on the bike and can't ride it. How this is a practical and reliable form of transportation I do not know.). I try to appreciate having lots of free time, but it goes against my nature, and is especially wearing after a few months of not leaving the house at all during the week. Before I moved down to TX I had two jobs and often worked for 10-12 hours a day, so the complete opposite doesn't sit so well with me. I'm glad and grateful that Kyle supports us, getting up by 4am everyday and working until 5pm, but my contribution of making dinner and keeping the house clean doesn't feel like enough. Perhaps I should start some in-home business? Sarah Makes Things with Paint Samples? Perhaps take up extreme couponing? Teach the cats to do tricks?

{Fourth} The wedding is in just about two months. A bunch of "what if"s are creeping into my head. What if it looks bad? What if things don't happen in time? What if nobody comes? What if it sucks? What if I look bad in all the pictures? At least ours is on a Friday, so there won't be an event during the week before ours, giving us lots of time to set things up. In typical Sarah fashion, I will try to advance-plan away any potential problems that may arise. Invitations went out Monday, so I'm excited to start getting rsvp cards back in the mail!

{Fifth} Peanut butter multi-grain cheerios. They're so good!

{Sixth} My new Vibrams arrived on Wednesday (hooray!). I ordered them in the same size as my old pair, which always fit well with a little room even, but this pair mostly fit well, except my big toes were poking into the fabric too much for comfort (boo). So I ordered a size up and will return the others. I briefly tested out their grip though, and they work wonderfully! I can't wait to start using them, especially since I've had to stop using weights as it was giving me intense neck/head pain, and I'm focusing on more cardio instead.  

{Seventh} It is almost April. Sisters birthday, new photo a day challenge, 4 years together with Kyle, 2 months to wedding, Bones returns, new Mraz cd.

{Eighth} There are Merimekko (Finnish design) converse! Hooray Finland!
Gotta go read! Toodles!

Wednesday Wedding: My Shoes

Posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last Wednesday was a major breakthrough in wedding planning. Yes, I found my shoes! As you may or may not know, I have an aversion to wearing super high heeled shoes (that, from what I gather, many brides must not have because then how does anyone ever get married), so I've been looking for months for pretty, glamorous shoes that I love that aren't higher than maybe 2 inches (tops) and will go with my dress, our colors, etc. This is not easy to do! I've had several "eh, maybe"s, but none to make me say "yes. I must have these." I think the top runner previously was this pair in fuchsia. But last week, I found the perfect pair, Imani from Kate Spade. Well, at first I thought they were amazing and perfect, but wasn't sure if I should go for a half flip-flop sandal. But then I remembered it will be June (and I'd probably switch to flip flops after the ceremony anyways), and it's my wedding, and they are so, so pretty and perfect. I mean, look, (faux) pearls! You know how I feel about pearls. And the gold. And bling. They will be so comfortable! And hidden under my dress, anyway...

I was going to put up some pictures from the shop online, but they arrived quicker than I thought! And the packaging was pretty, so I took pictures of that too.

These are definitely my shoes. Look for them peeking out from under my dress on June 15th. :)

Other good news, I got the invitations sent out on Monday! Good thing I ordered extra stamps- it takes 4 to get to Australia/Europe, and 3 to Canada!

Also, the lovely Joelle at Something Charming wrote a post with ideas for vow renewals, in response to my question! Thanks, Joelle!

Finland in Spring

Posted on: Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As you might expect, the transition from winter to spring in Finland is truly wonderful. Winter has a bit of an extended stay, especially in the North where I spent a long Easter weekend at my 3rd host family's cottage (/ friend's reindeer farm!), but eventually things start to warm up. I particularly remember one weekend day in April when there was a big festival along the river. Lots of vendors out, selling food, flowers and other little things; everyone out walking about in the sun. I remember I was wearing flip flops, as it was really nice and sunny out, but apparently despite the warm weather, I still looked like the weirdo wearing flip flops in winter (you know the type: they are especially rampant in college culture, wearing shorts, t shirt and sandals in the middle of winter, snow gently falling. the fools). But it was so warm, I promise! May 1st is Vappu, where all the high school graduates don their graduating cap, college students wear their college jumpsuits, and everyone gets drunk in the center of the town. The holiday could really give St. Patrick's day a run for its drunken money. It is dangerous every time I do these Finland posts, usually for Kyle, because I'll be asking him repeatedly when we can go there.

Easter in the North. I rode around on fur-lined jet-skis, fed reindeer, and walked on the frozen lakes.

 Spring day along the river.

 Sunset on the island Ruissalo!



Sailing around the islands. One of the best experiences.

Want more Finland? (I know I do)
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