24 Hours in Baltimore

Posted on: Friday, May 31, 2013

Before my DC trip I flew in to Baltimore a day early to hang out with friends and see the city a little. I'd only really been to the Greyhound bus stop in Baltimore (though a nice gentleman on the bus one time gave me his number and told me to call him if I was ever in Baltimore. I must have misplaced that number...). Abigail picked me up from the airport, and we went to tea in a little nearby town, at the most adorable and fancy little tea place. It was charming. We then drove through the city a bit and stopped at her apartment before heading out to meet up with friends at The Brewer's Art for dinner and drinks. My good friend Matt also lives near Baltimore, so he and his girlfriend came out, along with a bunch of Abigail's lovely friends. We had wine and smoked hookah back at her apartment until 2 or 3 in the morning (at which point I had been awake for 24 hours). It was so fun, and nostalgic; I miss living near and hanging out with my good friends.
Abs' adorable fluffy lionkitty
I didn't eat, but everything looked great

The next morning we went to Fells Point for a delicious brunch at Slainte Irish Pub. We had some after-brunch gelato (that's a thing, right?) from Pitango (pistachio and black tea for me), and took a ferry ride over to the Inner Harbor. If you know me, you know I love a city on the water, so I was excited for a little boat ride. Still, I don't think Baltimore is the city for me, but it was nice to see more than the Greyhound bus stop. Matt dropped me off back at the airport in the afternoon, where I met up with my DC trip group as they arrived on their flight. I didn't really know what the next ten days would hold for me, but I know I was so excited to be back in DC and to get to know my team (a quick preview: it was awesome).
potato pancake with eggs

Thanks for being an excellent host, as always, Abigail! You can see more of when I went to visit her in Annapolis here. DC trip recap is up next! :)


Where to Begin

Posted on: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hi! I am back from my trip to DC. It was really great, and I'm not sure where to begin with recapping it here. For the class I am taking in accompaniment with the trip, we have to write six reflection journals, so I will probably put them up here as well, along with lots of pictures of all the cool things we got to do and people we met, including my wonderful team members. For now, a bunch of pictures!

- From the desk of Mrs. M
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