Dear Weekend

Posted on: Friday, August 31, 2012

You are here, and you are much appreciated.
PS- thanks for being three days instead of two this week.

Dear Readers,
I'll try to be a better blogger these next few days.

- Mrs. M


Posted on: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ever since I was little and didn't really know anything about cars, I've wanted a Jeep. My babysitter had one, and I thought she was cool and her olive green Jeep she sometimes took us to get ice cream from the McDonald's drive through in was cool too. And then, Jurassic Park. Coolest Jeeps ever.

And then I married Kyle, who also likes Jeeps (and Jeep-type vehicles). I'm still not very into cars and all that, but my dream is to have a Jeep one day. I'm not sure what it is about them. They are boxy and seem to be geared toward the rugged folks who drive over mountains, but I love them (also sports cars are mostly ugly and impractical). We sometimes look around the internet for one (only a hardtop for me, though), but the truth is they have pretty bad gas mileage, so it doesn't make any sense while we are both commuting to trade in our Civic for a Jeep. One day, though, I will have a beautiful Jeep, and it will be awesome. :)

I used to like more of the old style Jeeps of the 90s, but I think my favorite Jeep right now is the new Patriot.

What's your dream vehicle?

- Mrs. M

Last Week Looked Like This

Posted on: Monday, August 27, 2012

internship day 1, my super cool lunch box, good morning BU! goodnight Hux
early morning gas fill up, early morning empty computer lab, Hux on fridge, Friday late lunch with hubs!
Colorful new straws! Our wedding supply was running out. 
my Saturday, my new favorite crockpot chicken, D, Kyle suggested we go get ice cream last night- I was already in my PJs- no need to change for a drive through! :)
Darwin likes windows, smells like fall! gold and green

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Another busy week ahead...

- Mrs. M

Thursday Thoughts (16)

Posted on: Thursday, August 23, 2012

{one} I love coming home from school/internship to my kitties and husband. They are all pretty cute.

 {two} Week one of class + internship is almost over! It's been pretty intense and tiring, but in a good way. No more fire alarms going off.

{three} This chair and room just looks so comfy and cozy. I imagine there is also a fireplace in the room. I want to be there.

{four} Now that I'm commuting to campus, I am glad that I finally got some prescription sunglasses. This way I can both see clearly AND drive into the morning sun!

 {five} I really don't have much else. Lots going on but I gotta get back to work!

- Mrs. M

I Will Have my Fall (Even if Texas Doesn't)

Posted on: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If you were familiar with me or my blog around this time last year, you might remember that fall is my absolute favorite season. I went a little crazy at the pumpkin scented/flavored section of Wal Mart (and still have some of that febreze left!).

I think fall is a favorite for many folks. Understandable, because it is perfect. Fall in PA is just lovely- the trees change colors, the air gets colder, Dunkin' Donuts breaks out the pumpkin spice flavored items (I used to work there), and all is well with me. This will be my first fall down in Texas, though, and the last season I have yet to experience in this southern state. From what I gather about Texas, however, there are mainly three "seasons"- Really Really Hot (over half the year), Less Hot and Stormy, and Warm or Sometimes Chilly. I suspect there will be some days that feel like fall, but I'm not at all expecting a similar shift in season as up North. I am determined, however, to make autumn happen here, even if the weather doesn't entirely cooperate.

I will wear all my most autumn attire. 

I will bake things to make the house smell and taste like fall.

I will buy some pumpkins at the farm where we got our Christmas tree

And then I'll roast the seeds from those pumpkins.

I will go to Starbucks for some pumpkin spice. And buy some Dunkin' pumpkin spice if they have it in stores here.

Also, I am looking forward to handing out Halloween candy for the first time (in our own place)!

I will have my fall. 

- Mrs. M

A Weird Start

Posted on: Monday, August 20, 2012

This has been one of the weirder starts to a school year that I've had. Last night I was getting ready to go to bed and finishing up some things in the kitchen around 11, and I kept noticing ants crawling about. There were too many for my liking, and so fearing I'd wake up at 5 to a full on invasion, I changed back out of my pjs and Kyle and I went to the store to get some spray. 
Kyle wanted to go to Whataburger while we were out, so we went through the drive through, which took way too long for a fast food place. But it was kinda fun being out and about at night. :) (it doesn't take much, people)
I finally got into bed around 12:30 or so, and I closed the door with the cats in the room with me, so they wouldn't go sniffing the bug spray. I think I inhaled some of the spray myself, as I had a sneezing, coughing, runny nose attack. Of course, once that calmed down I still couldn't sleep for quite a while. I ended up with maybe a couple hours of patchy sleep. But I was excited to get the day started and pack up my snazzy lunchbox for the first time!
So, I headed out around 7:20 and got to Baylor right before 8am. My class didn't start until 9 but I like being early and getting some work done on campus in the student lounge. I overheard a professor starting an undergrad class with some spiritual yoga, so that was interesting. Eventually some people I knew arrived and I hung out with them until class started. About half way through class, the super loud and blaring fire alarm went of, much to our surprise. To our continued surprise, as we all hung out right next to the building, the alarm kept going off and the firemen arrived. While we were waiting, the idea crossed my mind that my lunch box, which I had forgotten and left in the lounge, had been noted as a suspicious package, thus causing the evacuation and intrigue, haha.

From what I heard "something went off" on the third floor. Eventually the building was cleared and I made sure to grab my lunch on the way back to class.

Due to the lack of sleep, and because it's me, I had a pretty unpleasant headache today, but I only had one class and a group meeting, so I got to recover back at home with some homework and cat time. No sign of invading ants, my crock pot pot roast was a success, I'm going to workout in a little bit, and Kyle will be home later this evening. Tomorrow- first day at my internship!

Grad school is going to be crazy, but I'm really excited. I already feel more like myself, and it's great. :)

- Mrs. M

We Finally Got Some Curtains

 There is really no good excuse reason why it took us so long to put up some curtains. There were blinds up already when we moved in so we just used those, though the cats have partially destroyed most of them with their enthusiasm for bird watching and squeezing themselves in places they don't fit. We put up some makeshift curtains in our bedroom, as Kyle sometimes has night shift and has to sleep during the day; and by makeshift I mean we stapled tapestries over the windows. The front large window in the living room was in a particularly sad state of blind coverage- the "window" in the blinds the cats have carved out for their needs was gaping and I was growing more uncomfortable with the thought of creepers seeing into our house, so on Saturday I went to Target (where else) where I walked up and down the curtain aisle for about 15 minutes deciding what pattern to get. I decided to go for the red, partly because with my other top picks there was only one set remaining on the hooks and I needed at least two, and I thought the red would be bold. Also, even though it's not my or Kyle's favorite color, we seem to have touches of red in the house. Anyway, I like them, and I think the cats do too.

Huxley being helpful as always.

Darwin exploring. 

- Mrs. M

Lately (two weeks)

Posted on: Sunday, August 19, 2012

chopping board (from Christy), Eurotour postcards on display, Huxley is adorable
Darwin on my school things, Huxley made a friend, back-to-school shopping, spring rolls
back to school polish choices, orientation day 1, textbooks
Rachel won the Olympic Giveaway! penguins. skull. necklace.
new place for lunch, Hux's gf returns, class
childhood memories, stray lady, magic cookie bars, Hux in Army pants
birthday cake! Professor brought us donuts, cats watch me leave for school, BU parking lot
Dr. Pepper float on the last day of class, Kyle asked the Chipotle man to draw a dragon (poor guy), Pittsburgh! dots and stripes

first time at Scholtzsky's, free knives at Wal Mart, spilled pretzels, sleeping kitty
comfy cat, rainy day!! HG DVD & homework

- Mrs. M

High Five for Friday

Posted on: Friday, August 17, 2012

1. I adore these two.
2. I found these awesome skull rings on etsy. I think they're subtle and cute.
3. This gold skull on my desk is probably less subtle, but still awesome.
4. Kyle and I went to Scholtzsky's for the first time- we liked our sandwiches and I really liked the raspberry iced tea.
5. We also saw the Expendables 2 today, haha. It was just what you'd expect, especially if you've seen the first one. We were given a bunch of free Expendables stuff at a bar in Pittsburgh, combined with the overall ridiculousness of the films, I think we're obligated to see these films. Though rumor is the next one will feature Nicholas Cage, ugh, so I may not see that one.
6. Kyle made a post about some new maps we got in the mail, and included this cute picture of Huxley resting on one of them.

- Mrs. M

Thursday Thoughts (15)

Posted on: Thursday, August 16, 2012

{one} brother and sister bird watching.

{two} I am hoping to go to Boston for spring break next year. I've never really done anything interesting on any spring break (well except for getting married on my last one HAH), because I'm usually the dork that uses the time to still do work and not have to deal with the chaos of a short trip. BUT here's the thing. a) I'm already craving being somewhere other than Texas, b) I've been all around the USA but never to New England and I think I would like it and c) I know so many people there now! Two of my bridesmaids Emma and Tracy are in their second and first years of grad school up there, our friend Allie is from there, AND my sister, who has been working at Georgetown University Qatar campus for the last two years, will be returning to the states and moving up there in September for a manager position at Georgetown Cupcake (super cool. She worked at the very first DC shop while in undergrad). There's really no reason for me not to go, except figuring out if Kyle would be able to come also. Army things are likely happening next year, and in Army fashion we might not know too far in advance. But I've looked into plane tickets already, and they're just so inexpensive right now.

{three} Kyle and I have been watching the Long Way Down on youtube. Ewan McGregor and his buddy Charley ride motorcycles from the tip top of the UK to the very bottom of South Africa, with a small team. It's pretty cool, even if you're not that into motorcycles (me). We are currently at the part where they are in Kenya, I think a little over half way of the distance. It makes me want to adopt all the little children.

{four} I'm not sure when the wedding photos will be ready. Sometimes I forget that happened. I guess I'm no longer in such a rush to get them; I think it helps that we saw a preview a while ago. I am looking forward to sharing more about the day and the details here on the blog, though!

{five} My week-long intro course has ended (except not really because we still have stuff due, including a group presentation, and two more class sessions on the next two Fridays), so I have my last long weekend off before school really starts on Monday! I had to get a drug screen for my internship, and other than that I should be ready to go! Binders and textbooks and post-its, oh my! I will not be saying very much, if anything about my internship on the blog/online. I will be at a hospital and residential treatment center working with at-risk patients, so for confidentiality as well as simple professional reasons, I won't discuss even how it is going. But I am optimistic and really looking forward to the experience! I will probably have a blog post soon about my Baylor first impressions, and general excitement over my profession of choice. :)

{six} Somehow no pictures were taken (not even of the food!), but I met up with Sar for lunch the other day in Waco! She was terribly sweet and funny and listened to my crazy family drama.

{seven} Any nail polish and The Office fans? You may get a kick out of this as I did! I would definitely add "that's what she said" to my polish collection.
{eight} Ever really loved a book and didn't really know why? I randomly picked this up from a bookshelf in my 11th grade classroom and read it, and it is my favorite book. I have reread it since, but I'm not sure I could tell you why it quickly became my favorite. It must have really appealed to something in my 11th grade self.

{nine} I'm excited for fall TV to return. Because of shows like Happy Endings.

{ten} I like this for a few reasons.

- Mrs. M
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