The Week in Photos

Posted on: Sunday, September 30, 2012

 necklace, creepy card, Miss D, my favorite breakfast
Hux climbing the tree, apple cider with rum, napping Hux, quinoa stir fry
early AM gas fill up, coffee-obsessed D, leftover mix, Hux sleeping again
Saturday fall attire for a Round Rock trip
 D, treats from husband, stripes, headlamp
 packed-full school bag, water fountain at Baylor, VOTE, afternoon snack
big bug, group preparation, Starbucks gave me food poisoning, 'tis the season?
peek-a-boo Huxley! tried that sweet and sour chicken recipe all over Pinterest. the things you do in grad school...
I never get enough of his paw crossing habit, work on Saturday, first day wearing boots! bubble

- Mrs. M

Kitty Jungle Gym

Posted on: Thursday, September 27, 2012

On Saturday I asked Kyle to please take out a bunch of boxes that had accumulated, and a little while later I walked outside to see him building this, and hanging out with the kitties. It's got windows and doors and a tunnel. One of the many reasons why I love him. :)
And here's a video of the kitties playing.

- Mrs. M

This Weekend I...

Posted on: Monday, September 24, 2012

Joining the new linkup with Syndal and Sar

Kyle and I had a date day where we went boot shopping, Indian food eating, and Dunkin' Donuts coffee drinking. You can read more about it here!

Kyle made a kitty jungle gym with a bunch of boxes we had lying around. Eyesore? Yes. Awesome? Definitely. I took a video of them playing in it, too.

I did a bunch of homework. And some laundry. Not pictured because it's not that interesting.

I made some healthy food, husband made some drinks.

Aaaand...on Friday I found out all of our wedding photos are ready! We were able to look through them all online, and our photographer is sending me a disc so I will be able to share! I'm glad I can control which pictures you get to see; I'm probably too harsh a judge but I do not look good in most pictures. Also that's boring and I want you to see the fun stuff!

- Mrs. M

The First of Autumn

Posted on: Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Saturday, Kyle and I went to Round Rock to look for some caving boots and supplies, and to get me a Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin spice coffee, autumnal drink of the gods. I found out a few weeks ago that there was a DD Cafe within driving distance, so I was pretty excited to take this little trip down I-35. We stopped in a couple stores looking at boots, and went to Tarka for some Indian food, which we'd been craving for a little while (never had Indian food down here in Texas). This place immediately reminded me of a Chipotle- good and fast food, order at the counter, relaxed atmosphere, and, contrary to the ethnic origin of the food being served, worked by all white people. The small chain (of 3 restaurants) is based in Austin, and is really good and satisfying! You get quite a lot of food, and refills on the fancy mango lemonade. Oh, and there's naan. I wish they had one here in Temple... We both really enjoyed our tikka masala.

After a late lunch we walked over to REI (and past the doggy adoption at PetSmart, sigh), where I ended up getting the most old-man style pair of shoes for caving/hiking, and we got some new headlamps, mine in a snazzy light blue and purple combo (you know, because I am a lady. I wear a skirt to try on adventure boots). I think the girly headlamp goes very well with my old man boots, don't you? :P

And then there was Dunkin'. And this conversation that happened:
Me: do you want to go in or use the drive through?
Kyle: well I figured you would want to take pictures, so it's OK if we go in.
what a guy.
I walked in to the place and exclaimed, "it smells like work!" hah, which was probably a weird thing to say, as I haven't worked there in almost two years. I think I was just giddy. Luckily the place was not very busy. They even had the ground pumpkin coffee for me to take home (I haven't seen it in stores yet). Yum. I was a happy ex-Dunkin' employee/first day of fall celebrator. 

Anyway, thanks for the date day, husband! We then returned home and the rest of the day looked like this: homework, The West Wing, Kyle building a cat playhouse, leftover Indian food, more West Wing, apple cider + rum, and bed before 10:30.

- Mrs. M

All Lacquered Up: Nail Polish Swap

Posted on: Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm a little late to the posting party (I blame grad school), but I got such great nail polish from Stephanie at The Vintage Modern Wife, I had to share!

I love love love the Essie plumberry; it's a great color for fall, while still not being too too dark. I love the pink sparkles, I've put it over a couple nails here and's sitting on my desk actually because I keep wanting to use it! And the blues! I needed blue added to my collection, and I'm excited to give these a try! 

Here's a look at what I sent Stephanie. I thought I'd get a nice Essie fall color, a bright festive color for the season (and I knew she liked brights but figured orange would be a change), and maybe a more unexpected aqua color to balance things out. And I threw in a sparkly pink Salon Effects; I've never used them before but I thought she'd like the pink. You can see her swap post here! Stephanie and I live only about 30 miles away, fun fact!

Thanks so much Stephanie! :) And thanks to Meghan and Angela for hosting!

- Mrs. M

Spice Village

Posted on: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yesterday a couple school friends and I went over to eat lunch at the Olive Branch and poke around Spice Village, a cool collection of shops in a building in downtown Waco. The shops have an open floor plan, so you just kind of wander from one section of things to another. The food at the cafe/bakery was tasty and it had a nice, relaxed atmosphere, and the shops have lots of great gift items- I will definitely go back to do some Christmas gift shopping in a couple months!

lunch (pesto chicken) and a new necklace
(I want this for my nonexistent child)

- Mrs. M
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