The Week in Photos

Posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

pink stripes silver dots/ brownies for classmates/ tasty pom tea/ January in Texas
spending a lot of time here this semester/ Social Work-y books/ spring rolls and mango
drooling cat/ crescent rolls/ Haiti/ Saturday night wine
JT/ Starbucks/ going to take over doing my homework/ reminder to be bright and bold this week
Outside with the kitties while Kyle makes them a new jungle gym
chopped tree/ jungle gym/ curried turkey/ vine
not super tasty but very pink/ Hux/ post-teeth-pulling food/ squirrel watching
Hux in the window/ clearance/ storm a brewin/ tasty smoothie

- From the desk of Mrs. M

Baby Teeth

Posted on: Monday, January 28, 2013

I remember being told years ago that I still have two baby teeth, and no sign of permanent teeth under them. "Weird, but OK," I thought, and didn't think much of it since. Fast forward to the end of 2012, and my tooth randomly breaks. This was pretty surprising, because I am very good at taking care of my teeth. I floss at least once or twice a day, and brush whenever I can. So why and how does my tooth just break?! It started to feel sensitive to heat and cold so I finally went to the dentist a few weeks ago. To my relief I was told that it was my baby tooth that broke (I didn't even think of that until she told me), because I am all of 24 years old and baby teeth are not meant to last that long, no matter how well you brush. The same baby tooth on my left side had a cavity on the side of it, but all my permanent teeth were in perfect shape. Phew! I felt so much better.

I had the option of either having my two baby teeth extracted, or the dentist could perform a baby root canal of sorts, and put steel fillings/covers on them. The second option has no guarantee of saving them for an extended period of time, so I imagined I would likely have to get them out at some point, so I chose extraction. Of course, that would leave gaps in my face, but as they're right before my molars, they're only visible when I smile really big (which I don't do often anyway). I didn't care too much about the gaps, and the two teeth behind might shift up and gradually fill in the gaps anyway. I also thought it would be super cool to have my teeth to keep, because I am a huge dork and like bones and I can teach my kids about teeth and tell them my baby teeth story when the time comes for them to lose theirs. Turns out I wasn't allowed to keep my teeth, my own teeth that they wrenched out of my face. Sigh. The procedure was fine I guess. I was nervous so they put me on laughing gas, which was fun. I had four shots to various places in my gum, waited a while for it to set in (what is with Disney channel shows these days?!), and then they went to work on getting out my teeth. That was weird, let me tell you. I could hear it, and feel a lot of pressure but very little actual pain. My broken tooth further broke in the process, and hearing that happen was unsettling, you can imagine. It was very uncomfortable, but life is that way sometimes. Afterwards Kyle and I stocked up on jello, yogurt, and shakes for me for the next several days until I can eat normal food again (I can only eat room temperature or cold, soft foods).
I imagine you all are as disappointed as I that I can't share with you a photo of my freshly pulled and bloody teeth, huh. My mouth feels really weird with my line of teeth being interrupted with what feels like two really huge gaps, but it's probably not as bad as it feels.

Fun story (not that fun, but I'll tell it anyway): When I got my wisdom teeth out in summer of '07, Kyle came to visit me so we could talk and hang out, but I was out of it and my face was in pain, so it really wasn't the best time for that. But he was there anyways. :)

- From the desk of Mrs. M

This Weekend I...

I decided to pick health care in Haiti for the topic of my semester-long project for International Research and Strategic Planning. I am so excited; I've been reading a lot about Haiti all weekend, starting with the book Mountains Beyond Mountains (which I am reading for a book review for another class. work smart not and hard). As much as I am deeply concerned with issues our own nation is facing, I can't deny that my heart beats for this stuff and the struggles of others around the world. It satisfies the anthropologist in me to learn about other cultures, and the social worker in me to figure out how we can help.

I made these fancy crescent rolls (adding peanut butter makes things fancy, right?).

I got a lot done this weekend! I majorly cleaned the bathroom, scrubbing down the whole shower/bath, which left my brain rattled in cleaning supply fumes (oops). But I got free Starbucks as a reward, and a super clean shower.

Kyle made a new jungle gym for the kitties and they got to play outside a lot.

I made a giant batch of curried turkey with rice, to have lots of leftovers for lunch through the week.

I also got a vine. Grew a vine? Planted a vine? I don't know why it's called vine, but I signed up. You can expect mostly videos of cats.

Not pictured: I did a bunch of homework, drank some wine, watched some TV, painted my nails, cut the kittens claws, texted with my sister a lot, watched a little Penguins hockey, enjoyed spending time with my husband, listened to this song and this song, and woke up around 4:30am both Saturday and Sunday (the cats have me trained). I have another busy week ahead, every week until maybe the second one in May will be busy, but that's how I like it. I'm having my baby teeth pulled this afternoon, volunteering at Project Homeless Connect Thursday, with lots of class, homework, internship and everything else around and in between. Have a good one!

- From the desk of Mrs. M

Crescent Rolls Revamped

Posted on: Saturday, January 26, 2013

We had a batch of crescent rolls in the fridge, so I thought I'd try a couple different versions of these chocolate and peanut butter filled rolls I have seen about Pinterest lately. Kyle is not a chocolate fan (unless it's in brownie form, or reeses, or york patties), so I made a few versions including: peanut butter, peanut butter with white chocolate chips, peanut butter with chocolate chips, chocolate almond honey butter, apricot jam, and a couple plain just in case. They all turned out delicious, though the jam ones made a big mess and stuck to the pan. They're really quick, easy and fun to be able to customize to people's tastes. I might like to try some savory versions next (fruit could also be good, and cinnamon sugar), or maybe something more ambitious off of this list.

peanut butter and chocolate chips
chocolate almond honey butter
peanut butter and white chocolate chips

- From the desk of Mrs. M


Posted on: Friday, January 25, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I decided to join this linkup (with Sarah and Stephanie) today, to give you a quick summary of life as of late. I like that it takes a strengths perspective and focuses on the good in life, while keeping reality in mind and reflecting on the not-so-good. Do I sound like a social worker yet?! :P

- This may be the first semester of my life to ever really challenge me. It is mainly due to the sheer number of things there are to do in the allotted 24 hours per day. This can go under both categories, because  I'm excited about it because I feel fulfilled by doing work, but I also like to have time to cook dinner for my husband. We shall see how it goes.
- I quite like social policy. I still want to move back to DC.
- I'm really looking forward to my trip to Boston in March!
- On Thursdays we have class from 8am to 5:35 pm, so this week I made brownies to bring to folks and spread cheer. It worked! Definitely something to do every once in a while.
- This evening I am going to not do work (at some point), eat Thai food and watch The Campaign with husband. Looking forward to relaxing, maybe with some wine.
- My social work cohort is really filled with wonderful people. Sometimes I'm almost creeped out by how nice people are. I am not that nice, I assure you.
- I know I've talked about it at length already, but just had to say my Erin Condren planner is serving me wonderfully and even more so than last (half) semester. I guess it's only serving me well because I use it well, so pat on the back for me?
- I am getting my baby teeth pulled out on Monday, woohoo!
- As a part of my Practice with Communities and Organizations class, we will be working with an actual agency to help them in their endeavors this semester. My class is working with Pack of Hope, a relatively new organization that provides packed food for kids to take home over the weekends, when they do not have access to food at school and might not get any food at all otherwise. You should check them out, and if you're in McLennan county, consider donating or supporting one of their fundraisers!
- This was really delicious. Thought you should know.

- I have no clue where I'll be interning next year. I'm not supposed to know yet, but I don't even have any concrete ideas or agencies that interest me. Hopefully Baylor will find me something that fits my interests.
- I am gearing myself up to be so sad when The Office is over. This show was a whole support system for me while navigating the stress of being new to the Army, and I just love it and love the characters. It is time for it to go, and I'll always have the dvds, but still, so sad. No more Jam. And yesterdays episode...ahh.
- Anyone else tear up from sadness when you hear about other people getting pregnant or having babies or anything? I do. Wish I did not.
- Did you know that a 2002 National Geographic study found that 10% of 18-24 year olds in the USA couldn't locate the USA on a map? Even with the Mercator projection map. 30% could not locate the Pacific Ocean. I started reading a really interesting book on international social work.
- IRB training. That's all.

Have a good weekend, all!

- From the desk of Mrs. M

The Week in Photos

Posted on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

being brother and sister means sometimes sitting on one another/ gold stripes/ shepherd's pie in the works
orders for marriage retreat- Army official/ Home Depot/ skull key/ 2013 calendar via Rifle Paper Co.
cuddle bug/ pink and purple/ hitting the road for the Grapevine, TX!
moose are everywhere at the Great Wolf Lodge!/ Lego lodge/ marriage training/ Starbucks at the lodge- I really like the new vanilla spice latte
date weekend continues with hockey watching and Rainforest Cafe!
room key/ brunch/ Huxtable/ finally! (loved it)
mustard and navy/ popcorn for Castle watching/ lunch/ lists upon lists

- From the desk of Mrs. M

Date Weekend

Posted on: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kyle and I last minute got a spot to go on a free military marriage retreat last Friday through Sunday; I had class until 5pm on Friday and the program started at 4, 2.5 hours away, but they said it was OK if we came late. I had never heard of Great Wolf Lodge and didn't really know what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised when we drove up to hear their own theme song playing outside, and giant wolves welcoming us. This place was pretty amazing, especially for a couple of Northerners living in Texas, who wouldn't expect to see anything moose and forest-themed anywhere near here. We didn't go in the water park at all, but enjoyed the atmosphere and amenities. It was a really nice weekend; the marriage training part was fine, and we had more free time than expected. I doubt Kyle and I would come to such a place ourselves, and spend close to $200 a night, but it would be really fun with kiddos I imagine. The room keys were wristbands (to not be lost in the water park, and I had no sound issues at night. 
lego version of the resort!
awesome as it would be if the wine was waiting for us when we arrived, I brought it from home :)
oh, and there is a Starbucks at the lodge!

Saturday night Kyle and I went to dinner at Rainforest Cafe, which was crazy. I would have loved this place as a kid, though it was pretty fun as an adult and being able to drink their delicious drinks. I do have to question the research that was put into rainforest wildlife in planning this establishment, but I forgive them their inaccuracies. :)

While I did work on homework when we had some down time (Kyle was napping so it was OK), it was the perfect opportunity to get away, before the semester really got going. We got home Sunday early afternoon, and continued date weekend by going to see Silver Linings Playbook (which finally came out here!); I loved it and I think Kyle enjoyed it too. It was a good weekend with my love.

- From the desk of Mrs. M
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